Here at VM Paving we provide the most profecional quality service for your driveway. We all work togeather to make your driveway property look more appling. VM Paving provides many service opions down below.


VM Paving is a company started by Mauro Vanegas, His motive is to make your driveways look 100% better then before. A great driveway has a lot to say about someones home. Here at VM Paving we put hard work and dedication into what we do. We dont only want your driveway to look great but make you feel exited that your driveway has had an amazing transformation. VM Paving is very strict and very precise company when it come to finishing a job. Our workers will not leave until the job is done the right way and finshed without any flows. VM Paving believes that a safe driveway is a good driveway, we are always happy to serve.

Residential Paving

Maintenance & Repair

Pavement Markings

Stone paving

These services we provide are for commercial and residential.

Professional staff

We are avalible 24/7 we can be reached at all times of the day and night.


Perfect performance

We are always open to what ever you want us to do and we can work togeather to make your driveway look 100% better then before.
100% Done to your satisfaction